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Why Community Colleges Provide Value That Most Universities Can’t #86

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1. Save Money

Nearly every institution has what is commonly referred to as “foundational” courses (e.g. English 101, Public Speaking, Computer Basics, etc.). These courses (and their credits) can usually be transferred to another school because they are essentially the same course. The question people have to ask themselves is “would you rather pay $800/per credit at a big-time university or $200/per credit at a community college for the SAME CLASS?”

2. More Personal Attention

Contrary to popular belief, most Community Colleges have the same support services that any big-time university would have. At Community Colleges, because the staff is aware that the institution was built to be a bridge for EVERYONE and not just the chosen few, the level of personal support is unmatched when compared to big-time universities where one Academic Advisor may have to manage over 500 students by themselves.

#084: Becoming an Eye Doctor – Dr. Charlton Butts, O.D.

In this episode, I sit down with Dr. Charlton Butts, O.D. to discuss his journey to becoming a Black Doctor of Optometry.

Questions asked to Dr. Charlton Butts during TheFollowUP interview:

00:25 – What is Optometry?
02:44 – How did you get introduced to Optometry?
05:12 – What race was the person who introduced you to Optometry?
07:06 – How did you relate to someone that didn’t look like you?
09:00 – Why did you start doing research on Optometry?
12:44 – Advice for someone wanting to become an Optometrist?
16:22 – How was the application process to get into Optometry school?
21:42 – Why should someone test prep for the Optometry Entrance Exam?
24:00 – What medical school did you attend?
28:04 – Challenges faced while in medical school?
31:11 – What did you learn the most about your self in medical school?
34:40 – How did you stay true to yourself during the process?
37:25 – Mindset that a new Optometrist should have when starting?
42:42 – Advice for someone who wants to follow your footsteps?



#081: Plan For The Next (& Next) Step

In this episode of The Follow UP Podcast, I speak on the importance of planning for both your next step (and) the step after that.  A lot of people make the mistake of only planning for the next step without considering how step 1 effects step 2.  This is a common mistake when it comes to planning and I shed some light on it by providing examples in this podcast. Enjoy!

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#080: The Keys To Maintaining Personal Health & Fitness – Interview w/Tony Stubbs

In this episode of The Follow UP Podcast, I sit down with health and fitness expert Tony Stubbs (@ToningTony). Tony is a lifelong athlete that has always been an advocate for continuous physical activity and living a healthy lifestyle.  In the episode I ask Tony, questions to get a better understanding of the mindset and discipline he implements to maintain his body and overall health.  In this interview we cover the following:

What motivates him to continue to stay in-shape

What his mindset is on what he personally eats

What his clients struggle with most when it comes to the food they eat

Why he doesn’t call it a diet, but a lifestyle

What anyone can start their day with to get in shape

Tips on how anyone with a desk-job can stay in shape while at work

Why everyone needs to get their spine checked for proper alignment

Why attending group classes is a great way to get back in shape

What he focuses on in his group classes and how it motivates attendees

What his hope is for everyone as it relates to physical health 


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#079: How To Build A Successful Online Business w/Mike Siers

Mike Siers started an online vitamin supplement company (Simplesa) that focused on providing supplements for individuals with ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease). After running the online company for a few years (making approx. 50k/monthly), Mike and his business partners decided to sell their company.

In this episode of The Follow UP Podcast, Mike and I discuss his journey to becoming a successful online businessman.

Topics we cover include his upbringing, what inspired him to be successful, how he came up with the idea for his business, how he and his partners handled their operations, and lastly, what was the experience like selling his online business. If you’re thinking about or have already started an online business, this is a podcast that will provide you a ton of value. Enjoy!

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#078: Filter Your Communication on Social Media

In this episode of TheFollowUP podcast, I cover why it is extremely important that people begin to highly consider how they are communicating via social media. Social media is no different then speaking to someone face-to-face. A quote that I have been pondering on this past week is “people will not remember what you said, but they will remember how you made them feel.” With social media this is increased 10x because there is no filter that helps people understand, “what you really meant”. Enjoy!

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#077: How-To Network During The Holidays

In this episode of TheFollowUP, I discuss a simple strategy anyone can use in order to network and build relationships with anyone they admire or are attempting to immulate in some way. Most people think that spamming people all day on social media will get them in touch with the right people, but let me be the first to inform you, that method is COMPLETELY wrong and will probably cause more people to dislike you. A simpler way is this – reach out to those individuals that you’re looking to gain some knowledge from and provide them with something that you know will benefit them. Help is a reciprocal action, the more you help others, the more others will help you. enjoy!

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#076: Keep that POSITIVE energy

In this episode of TheFollowUP, I speak on maintaining a positive energy. We are quick approaching 2019 and I want people to really check themselves and whether or not their current energy is positive or negative. Know that your energy plays a huge world on everyone and everything you come into contact with. Enjoy!

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