Why Community Colleges Provide Value That Most Universities Can’t #86

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1. Save Money

Nearly every institution has what is commonly referred to as “foundational” courses (e.g. English 101, Public Speaking, Computer Basics, etc.). These courses (and their credits) can usually be transferred to another school because they are essentially the same course. The question people have to ask themselves is “would you rather pay $800/per credit at a big-time university or $200/per credit at a community college for the SAME CLASS?”

2. More Personal Attention

Contrary to popular belief, most Community Colleges have the same support services that any big-time university would have. At Community Colleges, because the staff is aware that the institution was built to be a bridge for EVERYONE and not just the chosen few, the level of personal support is unmatched when compared to big-time universities where one Academic Advisor may have to manage over 500 students by themselves.

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