#084: Becoming an Eye Doctor – Dr. Charlton Butts, O.D.

In this episode, I sit down with Dr. Charlton Butts, O.D. to discuss his journey to becoming a Black Doctor of Optometry.

Questions asked to Dr. Charlton Butts during TheFollowUP interview:

00:25 – What is Optometry?
02:44 – How did you get introduced to Optometry?
05:12 – What race was the person who introduced you to Optometry?
07:06 – How did you relate to someone that didn’t look like you?
09:00 – Why did you start doing research on Optometry?
12:44 – Advice for someone wanting to become an Optometrist?
16:22 – How was the application process to get into Optometry school?
21:42 – Why should someone test prep for the Optometry Entrance Exam?
24:00 – What medical school did you attend?
28:04 – Challenges faced while in medical school?
31:11 – What did you learn the most about your self in medical school?
34:40 – How did you stay true to yourself during the process?
37:25 – Mindset that a new Optometrist should have when starting?
42:42 – Advice for someone who wants to follow your footsteps?


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