#080: The Keys To Maintaining Personal Health & Fitness – Interview w/Tony Stubbs

In this episode of The Follow UP Podcast, I sit down with health and fitness expert Tony Stubbs (@ToningTony). Tony is a lifelong athlete that has always been an advocate for continuous physical activity and living a healthy lifestyle.  In the episode I ask Tony, questions to get a better understanding of the mindset and discipline he implements to maintain his body and overall health.  In this interview we cover the following:

What motivates him to continue to stay in-shape

What his mindset is on what he personally eats

What his clients struggle with most when it comes to the food they eat

Why he doesn’t call it a diet, but a lifestyle

What anyone can start their day with to get in shape

Tips on how anyone with a desk-job can stay in shape while at work

Why everyone needs to get their spine checked for proper alignment

Why attending group classes is a great way to get back in shape

What he focuses on in his group classes and how it motivates attendees

What his hope is for everyone as it relates to physical health 


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