#073: Interview w/Dr. Anthony Hamlet, Superintendent – Pittsburgh Public Schools

In this episode of TheFollowUP, I sit down with Dr. Anthony Hamlet, Superintendent of Pittsburgh Public Schools. Dr. Hamlet speaks on his journey from being a Professional Football player to becoming the Superintendent of one of the largest Urban School Districts in America. He provides some tips and strategies on how he navigated getting to the top of his field as an African-American as well as other great information that is applicable for anyone who is interested in advancing in education and in life. Enjoy!

Questions covered in this interview:

1. Where did your career in education start?

2. Did you ever consider other careers?

3. What inspired you to earn a doctorate?

4. What was your experience like being a principal?

5. When did you decide you wanted to be a Superintendent?

6. What was something in your current position that you’ve learned that you didn’t anticipate?

7. Did you have any mentors to help guide you? Who do you admire in the field of education?

8. What’s some advice you would give to anyone just entering and looking to advance in the field of education?

9. Are there any good books you would recommend for anyone to read related to the field of education?

10. Why is Continuous improvement and Continuous learning important?

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